Specificity vs. Generalization

We often talk about how CrossFit is great for so many things; it's great for endurance, strength and explosiveness, which is everything that you need in sport and in life. CrossFit group classes will elevate you in all these disciplines, gradually. If you are consistent with your group class training, you will see results over time. Nothing happens over night but on the same token, you can make things happen more quickly if you are more specifically dedicated to one discipline or movement over another.

For example, would you expect 200lb Olympic Weightlifter to run a 4 minute mile? Or a ultra marathon runner to snatch 200lbs? More often than not, people will answer no and that's completely expected! If you've ever played a sport growing up, you know the importance of skill specific training in order to excel. However, if we are not dedicated to a specific sport, then generalized training is more effective for staying healthy overall.

When we look at group classes, the programming is structured so that we are training constantly varied, functional movements. The movements and disciplines are programmed in a way that they are always in a mixed rotation. This is generalized training and you can expect to get better at everything, just not as quickly as if you were to dedicate 100% of your efforts to one single movement or discipline.

In contrast, if you have very specific goals like increasing your pulling strength so that you are able to perform pull ups or chest to bars, then personal training allows us to focus 100% of our time on a single clearly outlined goal. When we dedicate all of our attention and efforts during our personal training sessions to this one goal, we are able to achieve this goal more quickly than if we were to participate in group classes.

There is no right or wrong, it all depends on what your goals are and what your intention is with training. That's why we offer group classes, personal training and hybrid memberships (which combine group classes and personal training), so that you have options and can crush whatever your goals are!

Things Change, That's OK

"Over six years ago, I decided to start a journey that would lead to better health and fitness. Things were consistent and I was in the best shape of my life! I went from being out of breath after walking up a set of stairs, to running a half marathon. After doing things that I thought I never could, like lifting weights that I thought were unattainable, left me looking for new challenges. As my priorities changed, so did my goals, training and results in the gym and That was OK."

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Does this sound like you or someone you know? Everything that happens or every decision we make in life will lead to a series of changes that may require a new routine and That's OK. Find a routine that works for you, get a good workout in and move on! It doesn't have to be complicated. Just show up because that is the hardest part.

Maybe an injury occurs (at work, at home, while on vacation) that doesn't allow you to move in the same fashion you did previously but That's OK! Our coaches can and will modify anything you need. That's the beauty of our small class sizes, which allows us to cater to your needs.

Health and wellness is a journey that can ebb and flow. If you feel like you're stuck in a rut, book a complimentary goal setting session with one of our coaches and we can help you come up with a plan of action.

Things change and that's ok.  It's how we choose to respond that matters.  

CrossFit Games Changes - what does this mean?

For our athletes and readers who are up-to-date with the global CrossFit community, this may be old news to you. But for those of you who are not caught up with CrossFit news: about 2 weeks ago, CrossFit's founder, Greg Glassman announced that they are changing things up around CrossFit HQ: "the plan is to restructure the company, de-emphasize the Games…change the very structure of the Games to something that’s more sustainable and fundamentally globalize the Games"

Why is this important? According to Greg Glassman, there have been maybe 300 – 500 affiliates who’ve sent an athlete to the CrossFit Games but 1,500 or more affliates who’ve shaved 100 pounds off a member. The miracle at the box is the health.” This vision is what he wants the CrossFit Games to reflect.

We love CrossFit, that's why we opened a CrossFit gym. If you've been to our gym, you'll know that we never glamourize over-training, praise pushing beyond your actual physical limitations (to the point where your form is compromised because you just do not have the strength for the lift) and have always encouraged everyone in our space to "NOT BE AN IDIOT." Why is this so important to us? Why is our mission statement what it is? Because, to us, we are all in this for the long haul. We want to live long, healthy lives, we want sustainability - which is echoed by Greg Glassman himself.

There is so much great that CrossFit can do for health of the general population, but so much of that goodness gets misconstrued in the way training for the games is portrayed. This is always why we've loved CrossFit and why we so firmly believe in it. 

So how does this affect you? It won't. Come to the gym, work hard, and get healthy!


Far too many times, we hear our newer athletes tell us that they aren't really competitive and that they are happy where they are, just getting a sweat in, pacing themselves through a work out or they going lighter on the weight. Whether we know it or not, this is a defense mechanism because everyone is innately competitive in a sense that we all have an ego, we all want to do well and excel. We are competitive. We are competitive with ourselves.

It's tough for us to embrace this inner drive. When our egos want us to give 100% of our efforts and do our very best, we fear that our best is not good enough; enter fear of failure, enter vulnerability. This is why we rather choose the path that will not lead us to failure. We want you to know and understand that it is more than okay to fail. It is okay to feel uncomfortable. Without discomfort and failure, you will never push yourself to your limits, to your fullest potential. Your coaches have all, on more than once occasion, said "get comfortable with being uncomfortable". Starting a new journey is scary. Walking into a group class where you know no one is scary. Giving it your true 100% is scary.

The fundamental commonality between everyone in each of our classes is that we want to better ourselves. Much like the way we coach your burpees, (you can hear us can't you? "it does not matter how slowly you go, just don't stop"), you just have to keep moving forward. Keep setting those goals, keep striving to be better, keep pushing yourself to your fullest capacity, because it's only a matter of time until your once fullest capacity becomes your warmup. As the old adage goes "if you are not progressing, then your are regressing".