Our Little Gym

It's been 2 years since we opened our doors. The support we've received from our community on a daily basis over the past 2 years is more than anything we could have ever imagined. This past Saturday, we celebrated this milestone by hosting a celebratory holi-versary party to share in our collective achievements through the year.


Black Tusk Athletics was built to create a community of like-minded people; people who like to have fun, work hard, be better than they were the yesterday. This continues to hold true two years later. All the people we've met along the way who share this same mindset is a testament to this. We work hard everyday, we support each other everyday. With that being said, we'd like to share a few kind words from clients that have walked through our doors at some point in the last 2 years. Our hearts are full and we thank you all.

"Thank you for creating such a great gym! With Black Tusk turning two, I realized that I have consistently worked out at a gym for two years straight. I have never done that before. But beyond the actual fitness benefits, being disciplined and coming to workout, has helped with my overall discipline in many other aspects in my life. 
Thanks for doing what you guys do!" - S.M

"The hard work pays off. I lost over 20 pounds and 17 inches in my first 2 months and I quickly felt faster, stronger and more energetic at the gym. Anne has been really helpful for developing habits that are sustainable and focused on the long-term. I’m now (much to my surprise!) a nutrition convert, and I’m really grateful for Anne’s support as I developed healthier habits for the long-term." - J.C.

I like the changes that I see in myself - confidence, strength, perseverance. I have more energy for my busy life and I regularly get on the floor now to play with my kids. I’m so grateful to have found this inspiring community that pushes me to be healthy and balanced and real." - A.B




I remember receiving an inquiry once from a lady who was going to be participating in Tough Mudder in 4 weeks. Her ask? To have 10 strict pull ups by the time Tough Mudder rolled around. Hmm. 10 pull ups in 4 weeks, not impossible. When we think about the fact that she currently

had 0 pull ups, no gymnastics background or calisthenics experience, expecting her body to go from 0 to 10 strict pull ups in 4 weeks, is a BIG ask, not only of us as trainers but of herself. An unrealistic ask. It's very common that people to see others reaching and surpassing goals to think "oh it can't be that hard".

There is no magic sauce, there are no shortcuts. In reality, we just have to put in the work and afford ourselves the time to reach our goals, which brings us to Arash.

This is Arash. (Black Tusk Year One Anniversary Party - yes, he cleans up well)

This is Arash.
(Black Tusk Year One Anniversary Party - yes, he cleans up well)

Arash came to us in July of 2017 and started his fundamentals process with the encouragement of his wife. His goal at the time: weight loss in anticipation of a family vacation to the Dominican. He was leaving for his holidays in a couple months and figured that CrossFit would help his reach his goal and it did! He lost some weight, he goes on holidays, has a great time and eventually comes home (as all vacations sadly come to an end). Back to the grind. Back to regular day to day life. Shortly after getting back from holidays, he gets home from work and picks up a few things and heads for the front door of his home to leave again. His wife asks "where are you going?"
"To the gym!"
"Oh, what? You're keeping up with that??"
"Yes, why wouldn't I?"

Truth be told Arash has confessed, on several occasions, that he didn't know if he would actually continue on with CrossFit after his holidays. He has said in the past that he's never felt more miserable than when he was working out in those first few months. But we fast forward one full year later and not only is Arash still consistently coming to classes 3x a week, it's become a part of his lifestyle (and dare we venture as far to say that he enjoys them!), he's quit smoking and is getting stronger with every class.

Here is Arash on HIS actual One Year Anniversary with Black Tusk

Here is Arash on HIS actual One Year Anniversary with Black Tusk

Arash started with no pull ups, no toe-to-bars, no experience with barbell work. Arash now has multiple strict pull ups, beautiful efficient toe-to-bars, comfortably and confidently executes cleans and snatches. The actual highlight of this newsletter is that consistency is not only important in attendance but also in your mentality, your work ethic. If you come into the gym with the expectation of working hard, you will get better. It's science.

See! Science. (Also we cannot take credit for this image. Saw it on social media and it perfectly conveys why consistent effort is everything.)

See! Science.
(Also we cannot take credit for this image. Saw it on social media
and it perfectly conveys why consistent effort is everything.)


Far too many times, we hear our newer athletes tell us that they aren't really competitive and that they are happy where they are, just getting a sweat in, pacing themselves through a work out or they going lighter on the weight. Whether we know it or not, this is a defense mechanism because everyone is innately competitive in a sense that we all have an ego, we all want to do well and excel. We are competitive. We are competitive with ourselves.

It's tough for us to embrace this inner drive. When our egos want us to give 100% of our efforts and do our very best, we fear that our best is not good enough; enter fear of failure, enter vulnerability. This is why we rather choose the path that will not lead us to failure. We want you to know and understand that it is more than okay to fail. It is okay to feel uncomfortable. Without discomfort and failure, you will never push yourself to your limits, to your fullest potential. Your coaches have all, on more than once occasion, said "get comfortable with being uncomfortable". Starting a new journey is scary. Walking into a group class where you know no one is scary. Giving it your true 100% is scary.

The fundamental commonality between everyone in each of our classes is that we want to better ourselves. Much like the way we coach your burpees, (you can hear us can't you? "it does not matter how slowly you go, just don't stop"), you just have to keep moving forward. Keep setting those goals, keep striving to be better, keep pushing yourself to your fullest capacity, because it's only a matter of time until your once fullest capacity becomes your warmup. As the old adage goes "if you are not progressing, then your are regressing".

Don't Have Time?

Meal prep, exercise, homework, taxes. These are all things we claim to not have time to do. So let's try an experiment:

If you have an iPhone:

  • go to settings > battery > scroll down to battery usage > click the little clock on the right > scroll to your social media apps and see how much time you spend on social media per day or per week.

Yup. It's an embarrassingly high isn't it? We are all guilty of prioritizing time sucks over the things we don't want to do and that's normal. Human nature is to want to do what's easy and deprioritize what's important and/or difficult. We know eating right and exercising is good for you, but lounging on the couch and fast food is easier.

Here's the truth: You DO have time for exercise, you DO have time to meal prep. You just choose not to. 

Why do we end up spending so much time on Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, etc? They are designed without stop cues. Netflix suggests next episodes, Instagram has endless hashtags, Facebook just goes on forever. Movies, book, and songs have stop cues such as ending credits or fade outs. Let's recognize that prioritizing our health should come above all else (even above the next episode of Grey's anatomy).

How can we change?

  • Slowly eliminate the time spent in things that just don't add value to your life. Much like a diet cutting if off cold turkey results in a higher likelihood of returning to old habits. Try reducing the time spent by just 30 minutes to 1 hour the first week, then increase as the weeks pass.
  • Set stop cues. Set a timer that is out of reach so when the timer goes off you have to physically get up and turn it off. That allows your brain to separate yourself from that rabbit hole.
  • Turn off notifications on your phone for the biggest culprits. It's scary, but you can do it!
  • Figure out the times when you’re most likely use the platforms and purposefully plan other activities during that time to eliminate temptation. This can be anything from going for a walk, meditating, booking a no-sweat intro ;).

Look, it doesn't have to be CrossFit, it can be any activity. Just find something you enjoy and look up from your screen one in awhile. The world is beautiful.

-Jay & Anne