Customized Nutrition coaching


There are 3 main mantras that our nutrition program is built upon:

Education: Arming you with the knowledge to make better choices that will build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Working with individuals to customize your needs so that you can succeed. We aren’t all built the same, so you deserve to have a customized plan.

Habit: Building a foundation and changing your mindset that allows this to be long-lasting, Diet in our books is a word used as a verb and not a noun; your diet is the type of food that you habitually eat, not a process of restriction over a set amount of time

Confidence: Building the best version of yourself will produce a more confident you. Confidence in your workouts, your aesthetics, your food choices are all motivators. We can help you achieve whatever goal it is.

Ask Yourself, What’s Stopping You?

Nutrition ServiceS 


$200/one time

  • 1 hr Initial Consultation

  • Customized Plan

  • Goal Setting

  • Nutrition Hand Book & Food Guide

  • Biometric Testing and Measurements (2)

  • On-Going Email Support

  • 30 min in-person Follow-Up (end of month)

  • Graduate to Monthly Coaching



  • Bi-Weekly Phone Check-In (15 min)

  • Monthly in-person follow up (30min)

  • On-Going Email Support

  • Biometric Testing and Measurements (1)


  • Weekly Accountability Phone Check-in: $40/m

  • Additional 30 min in-person mid-month follow up: $45/m

  • 1-Hour Educational Field Trip To Grocery Store ($90/session + $0.50/km)


Working with Anne was the dramatic reset that I needed to re-evaluate my relationship with food and nutrition. I finished my first year of school feeling really lethargic, tired and self-conscious - I had gained more weight than I ever had in my life and the number of “wearable” clothes in my closet kept shrinking. I had been doing CrossFit on and off for over 5 years, seeing little results in my body apart from gaining muscle mass and building strength. I had always refused to focus on my nutrition, assuming that I exercised enough to burn the extra calories from sugary treats, takeout and alcohol. I also thought I was eating healthily and being body-positive, even though I was ignoring the signs that I was using food and alcohol to manage day-to-day stress. I realized that I was 100% dependent on sugar and caffeine for a boost of energy, and I was becoming more and more concerned about how my student social life revolved almost entirely around patio beers and late-night pizza. I felt really ready for a significant change in May 2018.

Focusing on my nutrition was a big adjustment - I had never tracked my food, thought about macros or calories or had anyone do basic measurements. Honestly, I maybe weighed myself once or twice a year! After a very uncomfortable 2 weeks of sugar withdrawal, I found a better rhythm where I was better able to focus on increasing my protein intake, drinking enough water, reducing my alcohol consumption and prioritizing whole foods. Nutrition coaching made a huge difference for me because it helped me become more mindful of stress eating and think about food as fuel for physical activity (rather than just pleasure). Within a month, I felt like I had re-adjusted my concept of what a “typical day” of eating should look like. Focusing on nutrition over the summer hasn’t been easy, but Anne was very supportive of striking the right balance so I could enjoy BBQs, weddings and social events with friends without feeling guilty or frustrated.

The hard work pays off, too. I lost over 20 pounds and 17 inches in my first 2 months and I quickly felt faster, stronger and more energetic at the gym. Sugar and alcohol feel much more manageable in my life, and Anne has been really helpful for developing habits that are sustainable and focused on the long-term. It’s a bizarre feeling when a wardrobe of work clothes - that was once too small - are now WAY too big, but it’s a clear sign that something is working. I’m now (much to my surprise!) a nutrition convert, and I’m really grateful for Anne’s support this summer as I developed healthier habits for the long-term.
— J

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