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Our CrossFit classes are programmed to yield results for athletes of any level. We keep class sizes intimate to ensure you receive the highest quality coaching. Technique and safety is our priority. If you're new to CrossFit, our fundamentals course must be completed before choosing one of our membership options. Please ask about student discounts.


Small Group


FUNDAMENTALS is mandatory for all newbies to ensure you're moving safely (PLUS it's an opportunity for us to get to know you!). Structured as a 2-week, 5 class process (5 hours in total), you will learn all nine foundational movements that are used in CrossFit. Emphasis on technique during these classes are essential to ensure that your transition into regular CrossFit classes is safe and smooth. 

Small group cycles start on 2 week cycles every other Monday, so make sure to sign up and reserve your spot!

Fundamentals are also available in private settings accommodating your schedule.

You can learn more about Fundamentals here.


Private - 45 minutes

ASSESSMENT is necessary for all prospective members, with at least 6 months of CrossFit experience who would like to bypass Fundamentals and join our regular streams of CrossFit classes. During the 45 minute assessment, you will be be asked to demonstrate your physical knowledge of the nine foundational movements, in addition to other movements regularly used in class to ensure that your transition into the regular CrossFit classes will be seamless.  

Dependent on the outcome of the assessment, your coach will provide you with recommendations on how to proceed. Your assessment fee will be applied to the membership of your choice so our time with you is really just to get to know you better as an athlete.


month to month

3 class per week
month to month

couples unlimited
6 month term

CROSSFIT is the core offering where most members will learn the benefits of high-intensity exercise, while gaining mobility and confidence in their bodies. These hour-long classes will involve various movements and activities keeping everyone moving safely, but with medium to high effort. 

All movements are scalable to the athlete's needs. A coach will gladly help everyone along throughout the workouts.

CROSSFIT LITE is designed for anyone who has completed CrossFit fundamentals and would like more practice and instruction before entering regular classes. Workouts are scaled down with no complex movements. Also open to regular members who would like refreshers.

Punch Cards/Drop Ins

Drop In

10 Class Punch Card

Personal Training

1 on 1 private

couples private

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