See what some of our previous and current clients, and cohort have to say about us and CrossFit.

Sarah J.

I couldn't feel luckier to have landed Anne as my CrossFit personal trainer and coach. Coming to CrossFit, and especially having a previous neck injury, I was feeling uncertain about how I'd go. Anne gave me the time, support and thorough attention that I needed. Her coaching technique is the perfect balance of working you hard and being supportive. She has high attention to detail and was able to teach me the human mechanics behind each movement, with some great metaphors to help me understand it better. Above all, she is friendly, fun and makes me excited for CrossFit.

Anne, thanks for giving me so much of your time and positive energy. I feel ready and excited to kick some butt at CrossFit.


Alex T.

Jason is exactly everything I expect out of a qualified CrossFit coach. He is direct, very clear, and able to operate a seamless class which ensures that evetyone gets the most out of the hour. His knowledge and understanding of the body, proper movement, and varying capabilities of each individual allow everyone to get the right attention and service they deserve. He is also highly skilled, strong, mobile, fast, and has incredible endurance. These qualities give me confidence in knowing that I can achieve my goals as a CrossFitter because I am learning from someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

Sarah S.

Anne and Jason are just two of the most exceptional people you'll ever meet. Not only are they authentic and interested in each client that enters their studio, but they are visibly passionate about fitness and ensuring every member that trains in their studio is getting the most out of the workout with proper form and safety. I originally came to the studio slightly apprehensive, and with the intentions of just seeing what the whole "hype' around CrossFit was. But I ended up falling in love with the high intensity workouts they instruct, and even more in love with the community atmosphere they have created. Once you enter this studio, it feels like you've entered home (just a super sweaty one!).

I highly recommend anyone and everyone of all levels of fitness and experience to check out this studio–they've done a fantastic job creating a welcoming environment and safe space to challenge your limits and reach your full potential!

Justin R.

Black Tusk is a great CrossFit gym and Anne and Jason are amazing coaches! I started working out at the gym shortly after it opened and am so happy that I did. One of the things that I have found is so important with a CrossFit gym is the quality of coaches. Anne and Jason are so positive (even at the 6AM classes) and have given me some great tips. They are both almost clinical at picking apart my movements which has helped me improve tremendously.

I have and will continue to recommended Black Tusk to anyone that is looking to get into CrossFit or has been doing it for a while.


Vanessa H.

I've been training with Anne for the past couple of years and she is definitely one of my favourite people to workout with. She's always enthusiastic and has a great attitude, no matter how hard the WOD is. Anne also leads by example, so if she's encouraging you to push harder, it's because she is as well.

I've definitely worked harder and gotten stronger due to her encouragement and coaching.


Michael G.

I started CrossFit in 2010. I was about to start second year law school and my fitness had slipped considerably since my early 20s. I enjoyed the community aspect of going to gym, and working through challenging WODs with other people. I noticed strength gains and welcome changes in my body almost immediately. 

I found a new CrossFit home in Vancouver after a final semester abroad in 2012 (where my diet had been a lot of cheese and beer) and began attending regularly again. In early spring 2013, Anne and Jason joined the gym I was at. They were completely new to CrossFit. I had been doing Crossfit on and off since 2010. At the time, I would describe myself as an “intermediate” CrossFit athlete. After a very short period, it quickly became clear that Jason and Anne embraced CrossFit like few others. Within months they both had overtaken me (and many others at our gym) in their level of commitment and fitness.

As weeks turned to months, they became coaches and integral parts of the community at our gym, organizing social events, staying after their WOD's or classes to chat with members and basically lived at the gym. They were the kind of people other athletes gravitated towards and aspired to emulate in their WODs (work out of the day). When Anne and Jason worked their way into the coaching rotation, it was certainly for the better of the gym.

As a coach, Anne is loud and outgoing, in a good way. Anne brings a strong positive energy and openness that is rare for any kind of coach. She has the ability to make new people feel at welcome at the gym and at ease when attempting difficult movements for the first time. She can also encourage even the most experienced CrossFitters to try something new or to get out of their comfort zone. In short, while disarming strong personalities and protecting egos, Anne pushes athletes to improve their strength, fitness and technique. Beyond that, Anne’s positivity rubs off on the gym and athletes - you may even find yourself smiling through one of Anne’s classes despite the hard work being done.

In contrast, Jason brings a quiet intensity to gym. His commitment level sets an example for everyone around him. Watch this man do a difficult workout and you will be inspired. From flawless technique to dogged determination, Jason is a prototypical CrossFitter. Beyond that, Jason is a keen observer of the athletes around him. He is always able to provide cues and non-judgemental feedback to athletes in need of improvement. He will spot problem areas and work with you to improve your game. And, if you are lucking enough to be working next to him you will need to put his feedback to good use because you will feel compelled to work that much harder.

I cannot think of two better people to have opened a CrossFit gym. I highly recommend anyone, at any fitness level, to go and see these two people. Whether you are considering working out for the first time, wanting to get back into shape or are interested in CrossFit to put you over the top, Anne and Jason will assist you with your goals. Your fitness will improve. You will look better in the mirror. You will feel better. So stop thinking about it, and go do it. Now.


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