CrossFit Fundamentals In Edmonton

Our CrossFit Fundamentals are structured as Private 1 on 1 classes or as a small group if you have friends or family that want to complete the program with you. The Fundamentals course is designed to give you, the athlete, the opportunity to learn the basic movements that are typical to CrossFit. With our personalized approach, we’ll teach you the safest way to perform various movements using low or no weight to get you started. Listen, we get it, you may have never touched a barbell before and that scares you. If everything was easy, this course wouldn’t exist, but it does, and it’s meant just for you.

Fundamentals format

This is a 6 class personal training series, that will have you moving safely and effectively. Each class will last 30-45 minutes long. The classes will cover:

  1. Squat Series

  2. Press Series

  3. Deadlift Series

  4. Olympic Lifting Series

  5. Gynmastics

  6. Review and Graduation!

After graduation, your first 2 weeks of group classes are included for free.

If you have people in your life who would like to complete the course with you, we can accommodate that as well. Please tell us about you and your group when you inquire!

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Is CrossFit Fundamentals mandatory before I'm allowed to start?

Unless you have prior CrossFit experience and can prove movement efficiency, yes. We want to build a proper foundation in each of our athletes using all foundational movements. We would never build a house with a poor foundation, and same goes for athletes.

Is Fundamentals only for beginners?

By no means is this limited to beginners. We have athletes that have had experience in the past but would like refreshers in their movements.

Why are these sessions private?

We structure Fundamentals in a private setting so that we are able to focus on your movement and accommodate your schedule.  Once your Fundamentals are completed, your first 2 weeks of CrossFit Classes are included free with this package.

What is the schedule like?

That's the beauty of personal training. We work around your schedule! You'll get the attention needed to be able to learn all these movements safely and efficiently while having the flexibility to schedule around your busy life. All we want is for you to get fit and improve your health and life. We don't want to put any roadblocks in your fitness journey. We're there for you!


What happens after I graduate CrossFit Fundamentals?

First of all, congratulations will be in order! You've taken your first step to being the best you. Once you complete our Fundamentals series, you are then invited to join in on our regular CrossFit classes or continue your journey through personal training.

How much is it?

The entire 6 session course is $300, which includes your first two weeks of group classes for free.

Ok, you've convinced me, I want to give it a shot. Now what?

We're glad to hear it! Just fill out the form below with your information and a Black Tusk coach will contact you and get you registered and provide you details.

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