5 Tips on Staying Motivated (What Motivates You? Part II)

If you've subscribed to us for a while now, you probably know that we've written quite a bit about motivation in the past. We've written about what gets us motivated (usually that is a need for a change) and we written about what keeps us motivated.

When we have a catalyst that spurs on excitement for making changes, it's easy to feel motivated. Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated:

Have A Goal

Big or small, this goal should be challenging yet achievable. Attach a deadline to when you want to hit this goal. This will light a fire within you to stay on your routine. Goal setting the right way can be very effective, but goal setting the wrong way can set you back. If you need help with it, book a complimentary goal setting session with us here

Keep Track of Your Progress

What makes us keep those goals we set in our line of sight and to keep striving to achieve them? When we wade through all the warm and fuzzy reasons for working out, all the benefits and rewards, all the words that make it seem so nice and lovely to be in a place where working out is a part of your lifestyle, the only real and tangible motivator for most people is RESULTS. If you don't know where you started, you won't know how far you've come. It is important to check in with your goal progress. With every membership, our athletes have access to our workout tracking app that allows you track benchmark progress throughout your fitness journey.

Find a Training Partner/Group or Personal Trainer

Competition and camaraderie can be very powerful. Finding a person, group or personal trainer to train with keeps you accountable to your routine. When you find yourself feeling lazy or unmotivated, you'd be surprised of how an accountability partner can get you into the gym. Put yourself out there and get into a supportive environment.

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Try Something New

If your current "routine" isn't working for you, try something new. Pick up a new fitness hobby. Ideally something you've never done before. Ensure that you can commit enough time to it. Trying something once is great, but give it a fair chance. If you enjoy your regular routine, there are different exercises that can be just as effective and feel brand new.

Have Fun

If you're not having fun, you're fighting an uphill battle. Try to set yourself up for success when it comes to health and fitness. Yes it will be difficult, especially to start. Finding something enjoyable can make a world of difference. If it's new and feels intimidating, we suggest trying it at least once...never know, you might end up having a great time!

There will be times when you "fall off the wagon" and it can feel like you're so far gone, just know that you will always be further head than when you first made a change. It's never to late jump back on the saddle. 

If you need a nudge in the right direction, book a free no-sweat intro to talk to one of our coaches!

What Motivates You?

Winter is here. Maybe. Maybe Not. All we know is that summer is over and days are getting shorter. We find ourselves wanting to stay under the sheets for an extra 5 minutes and pressing the snooze button a couple more times these days, yet some of us still manage to get out to the gym nice and early.

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Ever want to understand the psyche of someone who enjoys working out when everyone else is fast asleep?

We polled some of our consistent morning gym goers and asked what motivates to wake up for a 6AM or 7AM class. Here's what they said:

"Evenings are free so I can have a more consistent nighttime routine, in case of work stuff, social events, unforeseen things come up"

"I don't need to worry about getting to the gym in the evening (or worse, not making it to the gym because of legitimate or made up excuses)"

"committing to a morning routine forces me to be accountable in prioritizing sleep"

Our Personal Favourite:

"Imagine being a solid rock fighting back against a raging river. You can’t help but feel like a solid rock “owning” your day after a 6AM workout. For me, working out at 6AM gives me a mental, physical and emotional boast that triggers a progression of positive momentum throughout the day. Since adopting a morning routine that involves physical exercise I feel I get more out of life. Own your morning, own your life."
(yes, that was meant to be cheesy)

Some of these reasons are quite logical, and some are inspiring. Whatever it is that motivates you to head out to the gym (morning, afternoon or evening), try sharing it with a few friends and inspire someone to go out and get healthy!