What is Personal Training and is it right for you?

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CrossFit gyms now primarily operate in group settings, and it’s great! You get to sweat and throw around weight among other like minded people and come out of the gym with a smile on your face. Personal training, on the other hand, is often associated as being clinical or only for the elite athletes. This cannot be further from the truth. If you have any goals specific or general, then PT might be right for you. Personal Training provides a level of one on one attention that would be impossible to offer in a group setting.


Whether you want to shed some weight before a vacation, run your first half marathon, or even just nail down those pesky double unders, a specific program design can help you crush those goals quickly and safely. If you’re dealing with specific injuries or want to refine your olympic lifting, PT is again right for you. Personal training at Black Tusk can range from 30 to 90 minutes and we use CrossFit methodology with your program design.

Our members are often surprised that we (Anne and Jason) are both certified personal trainers. Having that background allows us to be better trainers for all types of athletes that walk into Black Tusk Athletics.


Book a no sweat intro with us on your schedule and we'll be happy to learn about your goals and help you surpass them!

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