Are You Getting The Most Of Your Hour?

Group classes are great; they are fun, high energy and social. Equally awesome and often overlooked is Personal Training. Personal Training is still fun but more importantly, its greatest value is that each session is especially designed for the individual. Everyone has different goals, different strengths, weaknesses, possible pre-existing injuries or ailments. With personal training, programming can be more specific to your individual wants and needs.

This is a letter from Chris; he’s has been with us since May, personal training alongside group classes. His words perfectly sum up what we strive for.

“My first exposure to CrossFit was in 2007.  The results were great and the commitment was low.  The appeal to me then was that workouts were pre-designed and scalable.  The workouts from start to finish were never more than an hour and you could feel yourself getting stronger every workout.  

That experience brought me back to the sport 10 years later and it was a recommendation from a college at work that got me to register for Fundamentals at Black Tusk.  After 10 years, the scalable workouts are the same and the time commitment for a workout are the same, but everything else is very different.  As a slightly older athlete who has lost mobility, flexibility and apparently strength, there is nothing more disheartening than watching everyone do a workout faster, harder, stronger and better.  Everyone!!

I really believe that at any other gym I would have been done with it quickly.  Surely, I would have been discouraged in the first couple of classes.  I have no doubt monopolized Anne’s and Jason’s time on more than one occasion during a group class and for that I apologize to everyone else.  Classes at Black Tusk are small, personalized, intense, safe and always a challenge.  That is the atmosphere every time at Black Tusk.  No one is left behind and everyone works like mad to achieve their own goals and to make sure they are working as hard as everyone else.

Group classes are always fun, well thought out and adjustable to the athletes.  No one ever feels left out, out of control or without support.  Anne, Jason and Jenna make sure everyone is working hard but pay attention to their comfort and capability zones.  Encouragement is positive and real.  

Private personal training classes are very well designed and it was immediately noticeable that a lot of effort goes into developing a workout that focuses on my fitness goals.  The strength and confidence I gained through the personal training sessions helped me to quickly improve and made the group classes even that much more valuable and enjoyable.  Each activity and workout in my personal training sessions is a challenge that focusing on my individual strength, mobility, flexibility or skill and fits into an overall plan for me.

I could not have made a better decision for my fitness goals than to have come to Black Tusk.  Anne and Jason along with all my fellow athletes have made the journey worthwhile and effective.  I look forward to my workouts and never want to miss one.  There is no where else I would want to workout!”

-Chris D.

Chris, still attends group classes while honing in his personal needs through PT.

Depending on your goals, PT might not be for you. When new people come to our gym, we will always do an assessment to ensure you are getting the most of your time spent at the gym. Reflect and ask yourself: "Am I making the most of my hour?"