What To Expect From CrossFit

Black Tusk Athletics is located in the heart of Edmonton’s 124 street corridor among some of Edmonton’s most vibrant stores and restaurants. Located in the Westmount, Glenora area and minutes away from the core of downtown, our Edmonton, CrossFit gym is convenient for many.

Who Should Do CrossFit?

First time trying anything out can be daunting. However, our welcoming environment and knowledgeable coaching is dedicated to relieve some of that anxiety. We believe CrossFit can be for anyone from teenagers to grandparents and everyone in between. Whether you’ve never exercised in a gym before or you’re a varsity athlete, there are ways everyone can improve their body and mind. Once you start, you’ll feel right at home and forget why you were nervous in the first place. 

We encourage a balanced approach to training which includes getting out there and do what you love! Hiking, yoga, hockey, running, etc. Whatever it is, we just want to be part of your routine and help you be the healthiest you can be.


How is Class Structured?

Every one-hour class will start with your coach running through a full body warm-up, typically reflective of what the WOD (Work Out of the Day) will be. Athletes will then progress onto the technique instruction portion of the class, which will encompass the movements in the WOD. The goal of this is to teach safe and effective movement.

Depending on the day’s class programming, we then finish with the WOD where you will put everything you’ve just learned into practice in a sweat-inducing workout that can range anywhere from two to thirty or more minutes!


I'm Sold! How Do I Start?

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