Using Your Fitness

The Edmonton 10K took place last Sunday and we as coaches are still riding the high, over a week later. "But guys, it was just a 10K, what's the big deal?"

The big deal is that we've spoken about using our fitness outside these gym walls on numerous occasions (heck, it's on the main page on our website); this is and always will be our mantra. We want to be able to use our fitness in our day to day life, as we age, as we grow our families, as we conquer other fitness goals. For many of us, we have NEVER run a single distance longer that what would be programmed in a work out, which is on average 400m - 800m.

We had over 20 of our athletes register for the Edmonton 10K, some of us trained in addition to our regular CrossFit programming, others (who will remain nameless :P) didn't. One thing we all had in common was that we had a goal time that we wanted to reach. The beauty in this is that we all were able to apply the fitness we developed within these gym walls to our goals outside of Black Tusk. The mental grit it takes to keep pushing through even when every muscle in your body is telling you to stop. ALL of our athletes exceeded their goals and it is a true testament to all YOUR hard work and consistency. 

We put on a 10 week running clinic with our coaches Lindsey and Kelsie. With regular group class training and the addition of a 10 week running program, our athletes were able to smash their goals. Whether it was to finish a sub-50min 10KM or just to be able to finish the 10km period, we all did it! 

We could not be more proud of all our athletes; those who ran, those who trained, those who encouraged, those who cheered. We, as your coaches are in awe of you all! Until next year :)