I Don't Want To Get Injured...

The 2018 CrossFit Games are over and the champions have been crowned. Everyone who has been following is inspired by these athletes to want to work hard in the gym themselves, or even want to start trying CrossFit. A frequent question concern we hear is "I want to try, but CrossFit will injure you".

Here are some points to address that statement:

You can get hurt doing literally anything if you do not live by this rule: "Don't be an idiot". 

  • Listen to your body. If you're tired, rest. If it feels like your form is breaking down too much, don't lift it. We at Black Tusk, will coach and hammer in the main foundations of all movements you learn. Within that, you'll start to gain the knowledge and body awareness of how your body should feel throughout the workouts. With small group class sizes, we can be attentive to all our athlete's needs.


Run your race.

Even if you see someone alongside you doing things you think you can, just remember where you are within your journey. No one is built the same and ensure you work on the things you need for your body.   Tight hips or tight shoulders, ensure you talk to your coach that will be able to help you scale appropriately and give you the proper corrective exercises to keep you injury free.

Even if you see someone alongside you doing things you think you can, just remember where you are within your journey. No one is built the same and ensure you work on the things you need for your body. 

Tight hips or tight shoulders, ensure you talk to your coach that will be able to help you scale appropriately and give you the proper corrective exercises to keep you injury free.

    You are not Rich Froning, or Tia Toomey.

    • The athletes you see at the CrossFit games are high level competitive athletes which many of whom do this professionally and have trained their bodies to be able to withstand that volume. Volume should only be introduced when you are ready for it.

    Be humble, work hard, a listen to your trainer.

    • CrossFit has a bad rep with injuries, but by no means is that a blanket statement for all CrossFit gyms. We pride ourselves with creating a safe and challenging environment for all of our athletes with safety being the #1 priority. Injuries can happen in any sport and the rate of injuries while doing CrossFit is actually low compared to other forms of recreational activities.
    • Check out a great article here:

    Using Your Fitness

    The Edmonton 10K took place last Sunday and we as coaches are still riding the high, over a week later. "But guys, it was just a 10K, what's the big deal?"

    The big deal is that we've spoken about using our fitness outside these gym walls on numerous occasions (heck, it's on the main page on our website); this is and always will be our mantra. We want to be able to use our fitness in our day to day life, as we age, as we grow our families, as we conquer other fitness goals. For many of us, we have NEVER run a single distance longer that what would be programmed in a work out, which is on average 400m - 800m.

    We had over 20 of our athletes register for the Edmonton 10K, some of us trained in addition to our regular CrossFit programming, others (who will remain nameless :P) didn't. One thing we all had in common was that we had a goal time that we wanted to reach. The beauty in this is that we all were able to apply the fitness we developed within these gym walls to our goals outside of Black Tusk. The mental grit it takes to keep pushing through even when every muscle in your body is telling you to stop. ALL of our athletes exceeded their goals and it is a true testament to all YOUR hard work and consistency. 

    We put on a 10 week running clinic with our coaches Lindsey and Kelsie. With regular group class training and the addition of a 10 week running program, our athletes were able to smash their goals. Whether it was to finish a sub-50min 10KM or just to be able to finish the 10km period, we all did it! 

    We could not be more proud of all our athletes; those who ran, those who trained, those who encouraged, those who cheered. We, as your coaches are in awe of you all! Until next year :)

    No One Likes Homework...

    Who likes homework? No one. We didn't like it in grade school and we sure don't like it now as adults. "Adult homework? What's that?" It's all the non-fun stuff we HAVE to do that allows us to do the fun stuff in life that we WANT to do; it's the unattractive tasks that are needed in order to make the sexy stuff possible.

    We want to land a sought after position in our career, well we have to put in the effort, whether it's going to school or doing grunt work that will prove our worth. We want to go travelling or buy a nice swanky new car, well we have to put in the dues and earn money to make these purchases. We want to PR a snatch, well we have to work on mobility and strength so we can fight for the positioning that will allow us to support the additional weight over our head.

    We want to lose weight, get shredded for the summer, or just tone up. That's right, you need to do your homework to achieve these goals.

    If you follow along and have read our blogs posts for the last little while, you should know that we draw a lot of parallels from daily life and relate them to our training. Like most things in life, we often see accomplishments of others, whether it is career, family or fitness related and think, "wow, must be nice to be able to x,y,z"; what we frequently fail to take into account are the hours and effort they've put into their "homework" to be in the place they are now.

    Doing your homework can feel like a chore because you have to actively choose to do these things in order to make your goals come to fruition. As we reach our goals and have tangible results from our hard work, it makes it all worthwhile.

    Do yourself a favour and invest your time and effort into your homework. You won't regret it!

    Prepared For Life

    Specificity vs. Generalization

    Would you ever expect a 300lb Olympic Weightlifter to run a 4 minute mile? A pole vaulter to snatch 300lbs? More often than not, people will answer no.

    If you've ever played a sport growing up, you know the importance of specific skill training in order to excel. As we grow older, general health becomes more of a priority and generalized training is a more effective means for staying healthy.

    Whether it is general physical training or sport specific training you're after, it's important to have goals so you are able to set yourself up for success. We posted about goal setting here.

    There people from all different walks of life that come through our doors; from collegiate level rowers, varsity rugby players, to someone who has never exercised at all in their life. Here's an example:

    John played high level hockey all his life, including collegiate hockey. His hockey career has been over for a few years and he has been playing beer league for the last couple of seasons. He's found that he's lost the pep in his step and is looking to gain that explosive edge back.

    Joan has no athletic background but did workout at the community gym throughout her early 20s. Her last 5 years have been very career focused, working hard to climb the corporate ladder. She's now looking to get back into shape and lose a few inches.

    Both have been attending CrossFit group classes for 3 months now. John has added 1 Personal Training session each week, focusing on Olympic lifting training as this allows for him to gain explosive power and strength without gaining too much body mass. Joan on the other hand attends 4 group classes every week.

    Joan has lost pounds and inches and is now in the best shape of her life. John is now the fastest person on his team and feels great about his game.

    This example is what having the right intention with your training can do for you. If you have goals, it's important to be smart about the time you invest into the gym. Good luck goal crushers!