Success with Goal Setting

Spring is in the air and 90% of us who made New Years Resolutions have either already broken them or haven't even started them yet ("it starts tomorrow!!" amiright?).

Many of you may know what The CrossFit Open is. For those of you who do not: The Open is 5 workouts, completed over a course of 5 weeks (one workout each week). It's a time to see how we perform compared to other CrossFitters around the world and more (maybe even MOST) importantly, how we compare to ourselves one year ago. If you've ever participated in The Open, you've likely discovered something that you want to learn or become better at.

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STORY TIME: One of our members participated in The Open in 2017. Pull ups were in one of the workouts and she ended up helplessly staring at the bar for 4+ minutes. After The Open, she set specific goals and worked hard towards them. Fast forward 1 year, Pull ups were once again in The Open, the difference was that this year she spent 4+ minutes getting rep after rep after rep. This is a first hand account of what goal setting can do.

Although it can be, the end goal doesn't have to be a pull up, it can be as simple as making it to the gym 3x/week, working towards setting new personal record (PR) for your back squat, or maybe even eating home-cooked meals 4 days out of the week . The point is that there is not a single perfect goal, it just has to start with setting your intention and realizing that there is something you want to work towards. We say this often: achieving small goals over time turns into achieving big goals!

Here at Black Tusk, we offer complimentary goal setting and review sessions for anyone who needs a little nudge in the right direction.