What Keeps Us Motivated?

When people ask us how we stay motivated to work out, instead of trying to answer with one or two singular reasons, our perspective is "what is the alternative"? If you look at motivation, it boils down to what you are willing to sacrifice. For us, we know that if we do not work out and eat well for an extended amount of time, we will sleep poorly, have low energy levels, mood will be crummy and generally feel sluggish (and probably feel a bit self conscious) in our bodies. That is the alternative to not working out.

Yes, we know working out is uncomfortable but if you think about the discomfort in terms of sacrifice: when you work out, you are sacrificing being comfortable for 1 hour in your day in exchange for having energy, sleeping better, feeling happy and confident the other 16 hours of your day (our remaining waking hours). Conversely, when you do not work out, you are sacrificing your entire day feeling uncomfortable because you are either tired, lethargic or irritable (in some cases maybe all three) in exchange for 1 hour of comfort.

Next time you are looking for motivation to get into the gym, to start making better choices with your diet or when you need that extra little push to take that initial step towards starting a new journey, think about that you are actually sacrificing if you don't do it.

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