Back to Basics

"Engage your core!!" You've likely heard this on more than one occasion and no matter what type of training or sport you partake in, it is still applicable. What does this even mean and why is it important? 

Everything we do in life and all the energy we expend is derived from our core and then transferred outwards to our extremities - that is the key to efficient movement. Without a stable core, nothing else is possible (well without the risk of injury). If your core isn’t strong and stable, it really doesn’t matter how strong your arms or legs are because you need your core to support your limbs.

Just as we would never build a house on unstable foundation, we would never want our athletes to attempt complex movements without forming a solid base first.


Torso, hips, glutes (front AND back)

your arms and legs 

Core to Extremity: 
create power utilizing the largest muscle groups possible (core) and transferring that power outwards to the extremities (smaller muscles like arms and legs).

Simply put, engaging your core is essentially attempting to establish and maintain a neutral spine. There are two main things to think about when setting up for a neutral spine position:

1) pelvic position - scoop your pelvis forward and up (like a scared cat tucking its tail between its legs)
2) rib position - pull your rib cage down towards your belly button (like a standing mini sit up)

Good core strength improves your balance, stability and reduces your risk of injury. So whether you’re looking to workout more efficiently, enhance your strength or improve your overall quality of life, engaging your core is the absolute bare minimum we should all strive to achieve. We all get caught up from time to time in the high level details when what we really need to focus on is fixing things on the ground floor first.

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