Overcoming Weakness

We tend to allow ourselves to avoid movements we hate. Why? Because we like being good at things. Being good at things is fun, so if we have an option of doing something we excel at versus something we struggle with, more often than not we will gravitate to the movements we are good at.

Everyone has weaknesses, that is what makes us human, that is what allows us to continue growing and striving to be better, regardless of whether the weakness is physical, intellectual or emotional. Allowing yourself to recognize what your personal weakness is and wanting to improve is a sign of your character. It's easy to do things we are good at, there is no challenge in that really. We cannot improve if we do not accept that there are aspects of our life, in training, at work, in relationships that are...less than ideal.

When it comes to training, there will always be moments when we reflect on our weaknesses and are then met with a crossroads: do I actively and intentionally set a strategic plan in motion to improve myself OR do I actively and intentionally avoid what's tough.

We are firm believers of "what you hate the most is likely what you need the most". This can often be the result of preexisting injuries, mobility limitations, limb lengths, strength discrepancies in your body. If we do not actively work on these weaknesses, they will never get better.

Group classes are great for general fitness, we touch on everything, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Trust in the process and the improvements will come. Personal Training on the other hand can encompass targeted training on improving those weaknesses through having S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) goals. Goals can range from having pain-free movement, shedding a few pounds, being able to extend your arms overhead without having to arch your back, reaching a full depth squat, or getting that elusive muscle up.

Take a step back and evaluate what is important to you. Enjoy your fitness, but don't avoid what you know needs work.