Prepared For Life

Specificity vs. Generalization

Would you ever expect a 300lb Olympic Weightlifter to run a 4 minute mile? A pole vaulter to snatch 300lbs? More often than not, people will answer no.

If you've ever played a sport growing up, you know the importance of specific skill training in order to excel. As we grow older, general health becomes more of a priority and generalized training is a more effective means for staying healthy.

Whether it is general physical training or sport specific training you're after, it's important to have goals so you are able to set yourself up for success. We posted about goal setting here.

There people from all different walks of life that come through our doors; from collegiate level rowers, varsity rugby players, to someone who has never exercised at all in their life. Here's an example:

John played high level hockey all his life, including collegiate hockey. His hockey career has been over for a few years and he has been playing beer league for the last couple of seasons. He's found that he's lost the pep in his step and is looking to gain that explosive edge back.

Joan has no athletic background but did workout at the community gym throughout her early 20s. Her last 5 years have been very career focused, working hard to climb the corporate ladder. She's now looking to get back into shape and lose a few inches.

Both have been attending CrossFit group classes for 3 months now. John has added 1 Personal Training session each week, focusing on Olympic lifting training as this allows for him to gain explosive power and strength without gaining too much body mass. Joan on the other hand attends 4 group classes every week.

Joan has lost pounds and inches and is now in the best shape of her life. John is now the fastest person on his team and feels great about his game.

This example is what having the right intention with your training can do for you. If you have goals, it's important to be smart about the time you invest into the gym. Good luck goal crushers!