Are You Coasting?

We've been fortunate to have this amazing weather in May that the number of hours we've spent on our bikes is probably more than last year already. While we were riding, something became abundantly clear: there are no flat roads. Of course, after every uphill climb, we would get a little break and relax downhill. That downhill would never last. We would always have to climb a hill to be in a position to enjoy the coast; and even if it was a relatively long stretch of flat road, we are suddenly hit with a strong gust of wind, forcing us to pedal harder to continue moving forward. 


The road will always have a grade, never perfectly flat. The same applies to work, to training, to relationships and to anything in life: we reap what we sow. After a long stretch without riding, the first ride always seems to be the toughest. Starting a new exercise routine, a new job, a new hobby will always be the toughest in the beginning. Once you're comfortable, continue to challenge yourself. Continue climbing on your bike, getting better at your job, progressing in life, as the reward is always worth it. Keep in mind that once that downhill is over, there's always that next hill to climb.