Holiday Coma Reset

After riding the holiday train for the last month, we are now officially into our second week of January. After all the sugar-laded foods, alcohol, copious parties and engagements, the first week of January likely had a bit of a rough landing for most of us. Some of us may still have one foot on the train, not quite ready to leap off and jump back into our regular routine. Hitting the reset button is like getting a fresh start and isn't as daunting as it seems. Make small daily changes and over the course of one week, you’re back to your pre-holiday routine!

Small Change 1: Ridding the kitchen and pantry of the leftover goodies. These are the cookies and chocolates you’ve received as gifts or just snacks that you accumulated over the month of December in preparation for entertaining during the holidays. Many of us will think “well I don’t want to waste it”; having this mindset will always get us into trouble. Remember that it’s just processed food and can be replaced, we don’t need to stockpile it! Get rid of it :)

Small Change 2: Go grocery shopping and shop the perimeter of the market (with the exception of the bakery). The perimeter is where you will find your necessities (your perishables); these are your produce, your meats, your eggs, your dairy (if you consume dairy). Start cooking at home again, know what is going into your meals, which will give way to meal prepping again!

Black Tusk-8621.jpg

Small Change 3: Hit the gym. First workout after the holidays is always the toughest, ask anyone. Once you get this monkey off your back, things will start feeling better again! We promise.

PROTIP: Make that first reservation for a class and stick to it. If you make a reservation and no show because you are having a hard time getting your butt off the couch, find a workout buddy so you have an accountability partner. We’re all in this together.

Our mantra with respect to setting goals and making changes has always been that small changes and small goals over time amount to big changes and big goals. So that’s it: three small changes and you will be on your way back to your regular routine.