What Motivates You?

Winter is here. Maybe. Maybe Not. All we know is that summer is over and days are getting shorter. We find ourselves wanting to stay under the sheets for an extra 5 minutes and pressing the snooze button a couple more times these days, yet some of us still manage to get out to the gym nice and early.

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Ever want to understand the psyche of someone who enjoys working out when everyone else is fast asleep?

We polled some of our consistent morning gym goers and asked what motivates to wake up for a 6AM or 7AM class. Here's what they said:

"Evenings are free so I can have a more consistent nighttime routine, in case of work stuff, social events, unforeseen things come up"

"I don't need to worry about getting to the gym in the evening (or worse, not making it to the gym because of legitimate or made up excuses)"

"committing to a morning routine forces me to be accountable in prioritizing sleep"

Our Personal Favourite:

"Imagine being a solid rock fighting back against a raging river. You can’t help but feel like a solid rock “owning” your day after a 6AM workout. For me, working out at 6AM gives me a mental, physical and emotional boast that triggers a progression of positive momentum throughout the day. Since adopting a morning routine that involves physical exercise I feel I get more out of life. Own your morning, own your life."
(yes, that was meant to be cheesy)

Some of these reasons are quite logical, and some are inspiring. Whatever it is that motivates you to head out to the gym (morning, afternoon or evening), try sharing it with a few friends and inspire someone to go out and get healthy!

CrossFit Games Changes - what does this mean?

For our athletes and readers who are up-to-date with the global CrossFit community, this may be old news to you. But for those of you who are not caught up with CrossFit news: about 2 weeks ago, CrossFit's founder, Greg Glassman announced that they are changing things up around CrossFit HQ: "the plan is to restructure the company, de-emphasize the Games…change the very structure of the Games to something that’s more sustainable and fundamentally globalize the Games"

Why is this important? According to Greg Glassman, there have been maybe 300 – 500 affiliates who’ve sent an athlete to the CrossFit Games but 1,500 or more affliates who’ve shaved 100 pounds off a member. The miracle at the box is the health.” This vision is what he wants the CrossFit Games to reflect.

We love CrossFit, that's why we opened a CrossFit gym. If you've been to our gym, you'll know that we never glamourize over-training, praise pushing beyond your actual physical limitations (to the point where your form is compromised because you just do not have the strength for the lift) and have always encouraged everyone in our space to "NOT BE AN IDIOT." Why is this so important to us? Why is our mission statement what it is? Because, to us, we are all in this for the long haul. We want to live long, healthy lives, we want sustainability - which is echoed by Greg Glassman himself.

There is so much great that CrossFit can do for health of the general population, but so much of that goodness gets misconstrued in the way training for the games is portrayed. This is always why we've loved CrossFit and why we so firmly believe in it. 

So how does this affect you? It won't. Come to the gym, work hard, and get healthy!



I remember receiving an inquiry once from a lady who was going to be participating in Tough Mudder in 4 weeks. Her ask? To have 10 strict pull ups by the time Tough Mudder rolled around. Hmm. 10 pull ups in 4 weeks, not impossible. When we think about the fact that she currently

had 0 pull ups, no gymnastics background or calisthenics experience, expecting her body to go from 0 to 10 strict pull ups in 4 weeks, is a BIG ask, not only of us as trainers but of herself. An unrealistic ask. It's very common that people to see others reaching and surpassing goals to think "oh it can't be that hard".

There is no magic sauce, there are no shortcuts. In reality, we just have to put in the work and afford ourselves the time to reach our goals, which brings us to Arash.

 This is Arash. (Black Tusk Year One Anniversary Party - yes, he cleans up well)

This is Arash.
(Black Tusk Year One Anniversary Party - yes, he cleans up well)

Arash came to us in July of 2017 and started his fundamentals process with the encouragement of his wife. His goal at the time: weight loss in anticipation of a family vacation to the Dominican. He was leaving for his holidays in a couple months and figured that CrossFit would help his reach his goal and it did! He lost some weight, he goes on holidays, has a great time and eventually comes home (as all vacations sadly come to an end). Back to the grind. Back to regular day to day life. Shortly after getting back from holidays, he gets home from work and picks up a few things and heads for the front door of his home to leave again. His wife asks "where are you going?"
"To the gym!"
"Oh, what? You're keeping up with that??"
"Yes, why wouldn't I?"

Truth be told Arash has confessed, on several occasions, that he didn't know if he would actually continue on with CrossFit after his holidays. He has said in the past that he's never felt more miserable than when he was working out in those first few months. But we fast forward one full year later and not only is Arash still consistently coming to classes 3x a week, it's become a part of his lifestyle (and dare we venture as far to say that he enjoys them!), he's quit smoking and is getting stronger with every class.

 Here is Arash on HIS actual One Year Anniversary with Black Tusk

Here is Arash on HIS actual One Year Anniversary with Black Tusk

Arash started with no pull ups, no toe-to-bars, no experience with barbell work. Arash now has multiple strict pull ups, beautiful efficient toe-to-bars, comfortably and confidently executes cleans and snatches. The actual highlight of this newsletter is that consistency is not only important in attendance but also in your mentality, your work ethic. If you come into the gym with the expectation of working hard, you will get better. It's science.

 See! Science. (Also we cannot take credit for this image. Saw it on social media and it perfectly conveys why consistent effort is everything.)

See! Science.
(Also we cannot take credit for this image. Saw it on social media
and it perfectly conveys why consistent effort is everything.)

What's Our Take On Nutrition

"You cannot out train a bad diet" and on the most part that statement is true. However, we prefer not to think of food as either good or bad. There are some foods that are more ideal and some that are less than ideal but to categorize food into either "good" or "bad" is the mindset we should all attempt to shift away from. We are all human and there will be times when we want food that is less than ideal AND THAT'S OKAY! The important thing is to be able to find that delicate balance that allows us to indulge and then bring ourselves back to our consistent eating habits.

Diet in our books is a word used as a verb and not a noun; your diet is the type of food that you habitually eat, not a process of restriction over a set amount of time. So when people ask us what our take on nutrition is, the answer is short and simple: eat quality foods, in the amounts that support your goals and lifestyle in a sustainable manner. 

Great...but what does that mean?


Ideally, the more food you are able to eat that most closely resembles that food in it's natural state, the better (ie. attempt to avoid processed foods as much as possible). Why? Because very often there will be many additives that prolong shelf life, or there may be added oils and sugar to keep the flavor consistent and pleasing. Additives can be difficult for our bodies to digest and extra unnecessary fats and sugars contribute to weight gain. 

At the same time, if I want a treat, I am going to make sure that it's delicious and I actually fully enjoy it. There are so many instances that we speak to our nutrition clients and somehow 1 oreo turned into 8, or a handful of chips turned into the entire bag. Why does this happen? Because these processed foods are designed to be hyper-palatable and we don't even realize that we've eat so much of it.


We talk about goal setting A LOT and it's for good reason. Your goals may be completely different from the person next to you, so it would be unreasonable for you to follow a plan that doesn't facilitate achieving YOUR goal. We meet many people that are unknowingly  over eating or under eating for the amount of training (or lack thereof) in their day-to-day life. When we are able to determine a goal, we can then quantify how much and of what we should be eating to reach those goals, whether it is to lose weight, gain mass, or stay the same but increase performance.


It should be no surprise that our mission statement has been to train with the intent to increase and maintain our fitness level as we grow and age so that we can continue to do everything we love such as picking up our children or hiking in the Alps when we’re silver haired and enjoying retirement. Our sentiments with respect to nutrition is exactly the same, we want our athletes and clients to develop the knowledge and a relationship with food that is healthy and are able to maintain this for the long-run.

This is our take on nutrition in a nutshell. If you are interested in learning more book a Nutrition No Sweat Intro with us!